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DeVita Try-Me Kit | Oily-Acne

DeVita Try-Me Kit | Oily-Acne
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DeVita Try-Me Kit | Oily-Acne
  • Size: 0.80lb

This new style kit is filled with the regieme designed for the individual wishing to try Devita Natural Skin Care products for their individual skin type. Packaged in a handy key ring tote. A Perfect way to sample and as always all ingredients are Paraben-Free and Vegan Approved!

Kit Includes:

1oz. Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser, 1 oz. Moroccan Rose Facial Toner, 1 oz. Cool Cucumber Facial Toner, 1 oz. Gentle Aloe Facial Scrub, 1/8 oz. High Performance Glycolic Acid Blend Serum, 1/8 oz. DeVita-C Vitamin C Serum, 1/4 oz.  Solar Protective Moisturizer 30, 1/4 oz. Perfecting Time Nutritional Moisturizer,  1/4 oz. Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque. 

Please see full sized product pages for specific action information. 

Each kit includes a detailed instruction sheet. 

Step 1: Cleanse. Use Mud Masque by applying a thin layer over your face and allow to dry. Rinse thoroughly and follow with Toner and Moisturizer. 

Step 2: Tone

Step 3: Treat with High Performance Glycolic Acid Blend Serum. 

Step 4: Day: Moisturize with Solar Protective Moisturizer, Evening: Use Perfecting Time Nutritional Moisturizer twice per week. 

Disclaimer: When trying any new products (DeVita or others), a patch test is always recommended. Choose a small area (inside of wrist, side of face back by lower jaw etc) for 2-3 days prior to fully using, especially if you have a history of sensitive skin or allergic reactions. Your skin is unique to only you - DeVita cannot guarantee that customers will not experience skin reactions to our products and cannot be held responsible should any occur.

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